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   For many years our services have helped support the wishes for those wanting the very best for a final farewell.

   An example would be the funeral prossessions of Lionel Hampton and most recently Celia Cruz.  A fitting tribute to these two Industry personalities who filled so many lives with the wonder and joy of music.
   Within this section we've put together an assortment of both video and pictures seen in the Media, for both Broadcast and print highliting events that have touched so many lives.

   To view the available video clips, please click on the pictures making special note of these events. To properly view the video downloaded, which is formatted in "Real Media Player 10.0 Beta", please upgrade to the latest version of "Real Media Player" by clicking on the "Real" logo (displayed below), downloading the software and installing it on your computer.  This upgrade for windows is free of charge and improves the performance of your Internet Audio/Video applications for Windows.

The 2003 Funeral of Salsa Great ...
   Over the years we have also provided many famous, "In The News" personalities that extra touch of elegance for a final farewell as seen with the monumentous event of the Salsa Legend Celia Cruz funeral during the late Summer of 2003.
   To download this segment,... simply click on the picture to the left. Note : It is recommended that you have the newest "Real Media" player for best viewing.

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